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By supporting us, you contribute to essential initiatives aimed at providing food, shelter, education, and healthcare. These basic needs are the foundation upon which they can rebuild their lives, offering them a glimmer of hope and a path to a brighter future.

How to Support: Donate, Volunteer, or Sponsor Specific needs.

1. Alleviate Poverty Among the Vulnerable

Giving Hope Through Basic Needs

Every day, countless widows and orphans face the harsh realities of poverty, struggling to find their next meal or a safe place to sleep. 

2. Empowerment Through Vocational Training

Building Futures for Displaced Individuals and Refugees

The scars of displacement run deep, leaving many feeling hopeless about their future. We believe in the power of empowerment through education.

International charity to donate to

Your support enables us to provide vocational training and settlement support for internally displaced individuals and refugees, helping them to become self-reliant and rebuild their lives with dignity.

How to Support: Fund a Scholarship, Provide Educational Materials, or Offer Internships.

showing empathy and love towards the less privileged

These sanctuaries offer more than just a roof—they provide safety, peace, and the chance to heal while surrounded by care and support.

How to Support: Contribute to Shelter Construction, Supply Basic Amenities, or Volunteer Your Time.

3. Safe Havens for the Vulnerable Displaced

Offering Sanctuary When It’s Needed Most

In times of turmoil, the need for a safe haven becomes a lifeline. Support us in providing temporary shelters for vulnerable displaced persons within our community.

4. Combatting Violence and Delinquency

Creating Safer School Environments

Violence, vandalism, and delinquency in schools disrupt education and harm our community’s fabric.

Promoting Community wellbeing at WE CARE

We are committed to fighting these challenges through prevention programs, awareness campaigns, and restorative justice initiatives. With your support, we can ensure that schools remain safe spaces for learning and growth.

How to Support: Sponsor Awareness Programs, Volunteer As A Mentor, or Provide Resources For Conflict Resolution Activities.

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